Opening a Belgian Bank Account

Understand what is required to open a bank account in Belgium...

Opening a current account (compte à vue/zichtrekening) in Belgium is relatively easy. To open a bank account in order to deposit funds and have a credit or debit card, the following papers are necessary:

  • Passport
  • Bank Account Application Form (completed and signed)
  • Some banks will request proof of address (such as a utility bill)

Some banks allow customers to open bank accounts online, and there are banks in Belgium that allow foreigners to open an account online before they arrive in Belgium. The bank must be informed once a residency permit has been issued.

Once the account has been opened, it can take up to two weeks to receive the cards, PIN codes and passwords necessary to manage the account (although the process may sometimes be quicker). Bank statements (extraits de compte/rekeningguittreksels) are generally sent out monthly, but it is possible to receive them more frequently for an additional charge.

Overdraft facilities are available on current accounts, but banks will request proof of income (for example a work contract) or three months worth of payslips.