The Tax Year and Tax Returns

Information on the tax year and filing your tax return in Belgium...

The tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Income tax is deducted from salary by employers at the time of pay. As tax is also deducted on other kinds of income (for example rental income, maintenance payments, pensions, etc.) individuals then have to fill in a tax return. The exact time depends on where they are in the population register and when the tax office sends out the return. Generally, residents must file their tax return before 30 June of the year following the income year. For 2013, the tax has to be filed before 26 June. Tax returns filed electronically may be filed later (17 July).

Non-residents may usually file their tax return later on in the year, namely 2 October and, for tax returns filed electronically, 16 October.

  • See the TAX-on-web portal for more details and to file online (in French, Dutch & German)

Note: An identity card number is necessary in order to declare taxes online. Those who do not have a Belgian identity card may request an access code at the following address:

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