Moving Pets to Belgium from Outside the European Union

Find out how to import a pet to Belgium from outside the European Union...

If taking the pet to a country outside the EU, consult the Embassy or consulate of that country to check the local regulations.

Note: The regulations below apply to the non-commercial transportation of up to five pets. Special conditions apply to animals being transported for trade purposes. Special provisions are also made for assistance animals and military or rescue animals. The rules on these cases vary by country. It is recommended to consult a vet and the carrying airline (if travelling by plane) several months before departure.

If the country of origin has the same rabies control processes as the destination country, the owner only needs to prove that the anti-rabies booster vaccinations are valid and up-to-date.

Animals from countries not included on the list need to have complete anti-rabies treatment. The Embassy of the destination country should be consulted for full details. Additionally, animals from countries not included on the list may only arrive at an authorised port of entry. The Europa website publishes lists of authorised entry points for pets in each EU country

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