Moving to Belgium with Other Animals

Information on bringing other animals into Belgium, including the Belgian regulations for guide dogs...

The regulations regarding bringing other animals in to Belgium are quite complex. In most cases owners will be asked to provide documents on identification and the general health of the animals, which must be prepared in the country of origin before departure.

Pet rabbits and rodents may move between EU countries without vaccination or quarantine. However, if coming from outside the EU, they must spend six months in quarantine.

Horses can be shipped internationally into Belgium but, depending on the country of origin, may require a period of quarantine on arrival.  Anyone wishing to import a horse into Belgium should consult the Belgium Embassy in their home country for the latest regulations.

There are specialist companies who deal with the transportation of larger animals and it is best to consult them for the latest routes available. They will also be aware of all the regulations relating to care of the animal during its journey.

Turtles, iguanas, lizards and similar reptiles may be imported into Belgium. In some cases it is quite straightforward, particularly if travelling with the pet. However, the rules depend on the exact breed as some will be subject to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Consult the CITES website or the Belgian Embassy in their home country for details.

Anyone planning to travel to Belgium with several animals at once should contact the Belgian Veterinary Services office in Brussels prior to travel.

Guide Dogs

A guide dog must fulfil all the usual requirements regarding vaccination and identification before being allowed entry to Belgium.

In most instances public buildings allow access. One exception is hospitals, where the guide dog must be left in reception.

Public transport allows guide dogs to travel free of charge, as long as the owner carries their disability card. Some taxi companies will carry guide dogs while others will not - ask at the time of booking. The tourist information office can provide details of dog-friendly firms, and make bookings.

A person wishing to obtain a guide dog in Belgium will usually be able to do so free of charge. There are certified training schools. Ask at your town hall for information or contact Friends of the Blind in Belgium (Oeuvre Fédérale Les Amis Des Aveugles/Federaal Werk de Vrienden der Blinden).