Consular Services for Foreign Residents of Belgium

Information on the services and assistance available, including the replacement of lost or stolen passports, for expats from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia from their embassies and consulates in Belgium...

Citizens of the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia living in Belgium can access information from the consular sections of their relevant embassies.

Click on the appropriate link below to access the home page of each of these four embassies in Brussels.

US Citizens

The US Citizens Service consular section provides passport services, registration of births, information on visas, federal benefits, notary services and voting information, as well as offering emergency assistance to American citizens in distress.

  • For comprehensive information about the services that the embassy provides: Click here
  • Embassy of the United States of America
    American Citizens Unit
    At: Boulevard du Régent/Regentlaan 25, B-1000 Brussels
    Tel: 02 811 43 00
    After hours Tel: 02 811 40 00 (ask to be connected to the duty officer)
    Fax: 02 811 45 00
  • For information about hours of operation and more contact details: Click here
  • For information from the Belgian Embassy in the United States: Click here

UK Citizens

The British Embassy of Brussels has up-to-date news on matters relating to Belgian-English relations, as well as much information on trade and investment between Belgium and the UK.

  • British Embassy
    : Avenue d'Auderghem 10, 1040 Brussels
    Tel: 02 287 62 11
    Fax: 02 287 62 50
    Open: 09:30-13:00 and 14:30-18:00, Monday to Friday, excluding British Embassy holidays.
    Outside normal working hours there is a 24-hour emergency consular service for British citizens. Call the standard embassy number. T

The British Embassy and Consulate offers many services to British citizens in Belgium. These include:

  • Registering births and deaths and issuing certified copies of certificates
  • Certifying documents
  • Providing information about transferring funds
  • Providing help for those who are victims of a crime or in hospital
  • Providing contact details of lawyers, interpreters and translators

Passports are not issued by the UK embassies or consulates. Applications must be sent to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK. Applications for renewals take at least four weeks. There is a fee to pay for the passport as well as for the courier to have the documents returned securely.

  • For detailed information on how to proceed, and to download the required application form: Click here
  • For rules regarding the photos which should be attached with the application: Click here

Canadian Citizens

Of particular note is the fact that the Canadian Embassy in Brussels does not provide immigration and visa services.
All immigration matters for citizens and residents of Belgium and Luxembourg are dealt with exclusively by the Canadian Embassy in Paris.

  • To access the Canadian Embassy in Paris website: Click here
  • For information about the services that the Canadian Embassy in Belgium provides: Click here
  • Canadian Embassy
    : Avenue de Tervueren 2, 1040 Brussels
    Tel: 02 741 0611
    Fax: 02 741 0643
    Open: General office: Monday to Friday 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00, consular services: Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00
  • For information from the Belgian Embassy in Canada: Click here

Australian Citizens

Services provided for Australian citizens by the Australian Embassy in Belgium include:

  • Issuing emergency passports
  • Providing travel advice
  • Witnessing and certifying signatures
  • Providing a list of doctors and lawyers

The consular section of the website has information on working in Belgium, driver's licences and more. See the section Services for Australians.

  • Australian Embassy
    : Rue Guimard/Guimardstraat, 6-8 1040 Brussels
    Tel: 02 286 05 00
    Fax: 02 286 05 76
  • For information from the Belgian Embassy in Australia: Click here