Registration and Identity Cards

Find out whether you need a Belgian identity card, and how to apply for one...

All people over the age of 12 and resident in Belgium are issued electronic identity cards. All card holders over 15 years of age must carry this identity card at all times. These cards bear a photo of the holder and contain a chip containing personal information. Foreigners may carry a passport or an identity card, though if they are Belgian residents, they must carry their electronic residence/identity card. Cards are generally valid for five years and are not renewable; a new card must be obtained just before expiration.

The kids-ID is an identity card and travel document for children under 12 years old. It is valid three years. The card can also be used as library card, for school registrations, membership card. Parents can register seven phone numbers with the card, which will be dialed one after another until someone picks up the phone, should the child be lost and found. This application is called Hello Parents.

  • For more information about the card: Click here
  • For more information about Hello Parents: Click here (in French)

Organisations involved in the registration process

Local municipalities (commune/gemeente) are responsible for registering foreign residents and issuing identity cards. This must be done at the local Town Hall (Maison Communale/Stadhuis). Check with the office for exact documentation requirements.

  • For a full list of local authority contact details: Click here (select the link at the bottom of the page)

The Ministry for Foreigners (Office des étrangers/Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken) handles immigration and asylum.