Exchanging an EEC Licence

Find out the steps to follow to exchange a foreign EU driving licence for a Belgian one...

A person holding an EEC issued licence may exchange it for a Belgian one, but it is not compulsory and is purely voluntary on the part of the licence holder. Even if it is not exchanged, it must be registered with the commune of residence as this makes replacement (in the event of theft, for example) much simpler. If it is lost or stolen, a Belgian one is issued as a replacement.

Anyone wishing to exchange a licence must apply to their local authorities at the Town Hall (Maison Communale/Stadhuis). They need to provide:

  • Current driving licence translated by a sworn translator
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of address (recent utility bill, rental contract)
  • Two passport-size photographs

The new Belgian licence will take a few weeks to process. At the time of the exchange, the Belgian authorities will issue a Community model licence of the corresponding category or categories. No theoretical or practical examination is required. Authorities must, however, check that the licence they are exchanging is valid.

Note: Despite the fact that valid EU licences need not be exchanged, national legislation in different EU countries may create a situation in which a licence becomes invalid. For example, holders of UK licences are required to inform their national vehicle authority, the DVLA, of any change in their address by filling in the appropriate form and posting it off with their licence. However, if the DVLA receives a foreign address it does not update the licence but rather posts off a document stating that the holder is entitled to a licence, which can then be used to get a Belgian licence.