Drinking and Driving

Understand the blood alcohol laws in Belgium...

The blood/alcohol limit in Belgium is 0.5 grams of alcohol per litre of blood. The police have the power to carry out random alcohol tests on drivers at any time, which drivers cannot refuse. Drivers can request to wait 15 minutes before taking a breath test. A driver found to have more than the legal limit of alcohol is fined an amount that depends on the blood alcohol level. In some cases, the driver's licence may be confiscated immediately or for a period of a few hours. A person who has had their licence less than two years is subject to heavier punishments and will always have his licence withdrawn if caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drugs and driving

Anyone found to be driving under the influence of drugs is punished. Saliva tests can be carried out on drivers to detect if the person is under influence of drugs.