Motoring Costs in Belgium

Understand the various costs and taxes involved when driving in Belgium…

There are a number of costs associated with motoring in Belgium. It's important that drivers understand them and the associated paperwork which goes with them.

Circulation tax (taxe de mise en circulation/belasting op de inverkeerstelling)

This is a payment made just once on the purchase of a new or used car. The amount is based on the power of the engine. There are some exemptions, for example, where the vehicle is simply being transferred from husband to wife.

Road tax (taxe de circulation/verkeersbelasting)

The amount of the road tax is related to engine size and there are also differences if the vehicle is used to transport passengers or goods. It is payable annually. There is a separate tax for scooters and mopeds. Anyone with a diesel or LPG vehicle will have to pay an additional annual tax. Note: For those who do only limited mileage there may be an exemption from this tax for occasional usage. In Wallonia, cars equipped with a radio (with or without CD/cassette) are subject to a fee. Registration must be made to Service Radio-Télévision Redevances. Proof of payment must always be carried in the car. The Flemish Region and Brussels don’t have radio tax for cars.
  • For more information on the: radio fee (in French)


Insurance is compulsory for all vehicles. The minimum level of cover required is third party, but comprehensive cover is common. The car, not the driver, is insured, so many people have additional insurance for themselves in the event of personal injury.