Parking in Belgium

Understand the rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and in car parks...

In Belgium parking restrictions are made fairly obvious to drivers. Most parking (Parking/Parkeerplaats) is on a fee-basis and parking meters can be found on the majority of streets. Most cities operate the so-called Blue-Zone parking system, which means drivers must display a cardboard display clock set to their time of arrival. The blue clock is available from petrol stations, newsagents and police stations. In some places it is possible to pay the parking by SMS. Be aware that there may be temporary signs left by the commune to indicate that the road needs to be kept clear for road works or similar. Drivers who ignore these risk having their vehicle towed away. Certain very busy streets are marked with a red triangle (Axe Rouge/Ax Rode), which means that parking is not permitted at certain hours.
  • Parking is forbidden within 15 metres of a tram, bus or rail stop, or near where tram or rail lines cross the road
  • A yellow line on the curb indicates no parking
Parking fines should be paid to the authority producing the fine.  Fines should be paid by bank transfer (payment details are given on the fine). The City of Brussels website has more information on parking payment on public roads