Helpful Words and Phrases

Learn some useful phrases for when driving around in Belgium...

Road Traffic Signs

Road signs in Belgium are normally only in the local language, and signs can change language abruptly when travelling through Belgium. Here are translations of the most common road traffic signs.

English French Dutch
Exit Sortie Uitrit
Entrance Entrée Toegang
Diversion Déviation Wegomlegging
Motorway Autoroute Verkeersweg
No entry Défense d'entrer Verboden toegang
One way street Sens unique Eenrichtingsverkeer
Level Crossing Passage à niveau Overweg
Bus lane Couloir pour autobus Busstrook
Speed restriction Ralentissement Snelheidsvermindering
Roundabout Rondpoint Verkeersplein
Disc parking Disque obligatoire Schijf Verplicht

Place Names

A list of Belgian and neighbouring French cities and their various names

English French Dutch
Antwerp Anvers Antwerpen
Ghent Gand Gent
Brussels Bruxelles Brussel
Lille (France)
Lille Risjel
Dunkirk (France)
Dunkerque Duinkerke
N/A Bruges Brugge
N/A Liège Luik
N/A Mons Bergen
N/A Namur Namen
N/A Audenarde Oudenaarde
N/A Tournai Doornik
N/A Malines Mechelen
N/A Alost Aalst
N/A Courtrai Kortrijk