Villo! Self-Service Bike Rental in Brussels

Find out how to hire bicycles by subscription or by day or week in Brussels...

Brussels has a self-service bicycle rental system, Villo!, which provides an ecological way of getting around town. There are 180 bicycle stations located approximately every 450 meters. All bicycles are available all day, daily (24/7).

  • Villo! Hotline Tel: 078 05 11 10

How to Subscribe to Villo!

Bicycles are available to signed-up subscribers and ticket holders only. A subscription is annual and the tickets are valid for either one day or seven days.

Where to buy a ticket

Tickets can be bought by bank card at any Villo! station equipped with a bank card reading terminal; follow the on-screen instructions.

To subscribe

The long term subscription is valid for one year and renewed automatically at the year end, unless cancelled by post or email.

  • To subscribe for the annual card: Click here
  • For more information about the 1 year card: Click here

Using the Bicycles

The bicycles are available for use to anyone over the age of 14, weighing less than 120 Kg and at least 150cm tall.

Bicycles may be rented for a maximum of 24 consecutive hours, after which time a penalty fee is charged. The first 30 minutes are free.

There are 180 stations in Brussels. Identification of the user is necessary to rent a bicycle:

  • Holders of a one or seven day ticket need to enter the code on the ticket and the PIN
  • Holders of a 1 year card must swipe the card over the card reader situated either at the bike stand or at the terminal: Click here

To release a bicycle at a bike station, push the button.

  • For information on how to use a bicycle: Click here

To return the bicycle, take it to any one of the stations. Attach the bicycle to the stand, wait for the beep and green light. If there is no room at the selected depot, swipe the card on the screen to qualify for 15 minutes extra time to find another depot. Availability at other stations can be checked at all terminals.

In the case of a problem, call the helpline.

  • Villo! Helpline
    : 078 05 11 10

Safety and Security

  • To download a security leaflet: Click here
  • For more on user responsibility and to download general conditions: Click here
  • For safety advice and the highway code: Click here

Further Information