Termination of Employment

Find out what to expect at the end of your employment...

Anyone who loses a job has a right to unemployment benefit. However, under Belgian regulations this will only be paid if the required number of days have been worked during a qualifying period. Benefit can also be paid to those employed on temporary contracts if they meet the qualifying conditions. Where a certain percentage of the workforce in a business is made redundant, collective agreements entitle them to compensation over and above the normal unemployment benefit. This does not apply if a business is forced to close.

The self-employed do not qualify for unemployment benefit.

Dismissal because of misconduct or resignation means no benefit entitlement under normal circumstances.

Termination of a contract depends on the contract type. A permanent/open-ended contract can be terminated at any time by either party by observing the period of notice as laid down by law. For manual workers in most cases this is 28 days (when the employer gives notice). For white-collar workers the amount of pay, the employee's length of service and whether it is the employer or employee giving notice determine the length of the notice period.

Other types of contract with a specified end date, for example fixed-term contracts, can only end after the specified date or on completion of the work agreed. Thus a degree of security is also provided with these contracts.