Protection and Benefits

Find out about the protection and benefits you can expect to receive as a worker in Belgium...

In general Belgian labour law is extremely protective and covers all aspects of job security and guaranteed income. The principal piece of legislation is the Contracts of Employment Act of 3 July 1978. This Act combines previously separate laws relating to manual workers, white-collar workers, sales personnel, domestic workers and students.

Collective agreements

The Belgian law does not impose a minimum salary. The different conventions collectives de travail (CCT) sets minimum wages and wage levels in many industries, via collective agreements. These collective agreements (Negociation Collective/Collectief Onderhandelen) often extend to other benefits for workers such as holiday bonuses and healthcare. Any such benefits would normally be detailed in a written contract.

Every two years a multi-industry body meets to agree a framework for all collective agreements. Many such agreements are then extended by royal decree to become generally binding on all employers in a sector or geographical area.