Obligations of the Company in Engaging Staff

Information on the obligations of the employer hiring workers in Belgium...

The obligations when engaging staff are numerous. An employer must:

  • Register for social security with the National Office for Social Security (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid/Office national de la sécurité sociale - RSZ/ONSS) through an approved payroll office (sociaal secretariat/secrétariat social)
  • Register with a family allowances fund within 90 days of its first employee being engaged
  • Register with a holiday pay fund if employing manual workers and apprentices
  • Join an external accident prevention and protection at work organisation unless employees are family members up to the third degree, servants and household staff
  • Set up an internal accident prevention and protection at work department
  • Take out insurance against industrial accidents
  • Set up a staff register and file an official employment notification
  • Ensure that each member of his personnel joins a mutual health insurance fund and is allocated a pension number

Each time staff are engaged or leave the company, the employer must submit, by email, an official employment notification (onmiddellijke aangifte/déclaration immediate, DIMONA).

Processing of personal data

Any company that processes and keeps personal data on its employees must, in principle, notify the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Commissie voor de Bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer/Commission pour la Protection de la vie privée) accordingly. Certain operations (which can reasonably be expected not to pose a threat to the privacy of the persons concerned) are exempt from this notification requirement.

Further Information

There is a wealth of information available from the Belgian government sites for foreign investors:


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