Child Benefit (Salário-família)

Find out about the monetary aid provided to families in Brazil...

Employees (not self-employed workers or domestic helpers) have the right to a Salário-família benefit if they have disabled children aged 14 or younger and their monthly salary is less than R$710.08.

It is the responsibility of the employed parent to present their child’s birth certificate and request the benefit in order to receive it. The employer cannot be taken to court for non-payment if the parent does not provide the birth certificate.

Family Grant (Bolsa Família)

The Bolsa Familia benefit is part of the Government Social Welfare program Fome Zero and is aimed at the country’s low-income population. The program is an innovative social initiative undertaken by the Brazilian Government to reduce inequality; it reaches 11 million families (more than 46 million people).

Families that commit to keeping their children in school and taking them for regular health checks receive an average of R$70.00 (about US$35) in direct transfers.

  • Ministry of Social Development (Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social): Click here (in Portuguese)