Out and About with Toddlers

Find out about the facilities available to you and your toddlers in Brazil...

The larger Brazilian cities are fairly well-structured in terms of providing entertainment alternatives for toddlers and young children. São Paulo is a theater-loving city and it has a number of groups which stage productions for children from toddler age up. These productions usually take place on weekends in the mornings and at matinee times in theaters which may open their doors for an older crowd in the evenings. These productions can range in price from being free (gratis) up to as much as R$60, and can be found in the weekly entertainment guides published on Fridays by the leading newspapers Folha de S Paulo and Estado de S. Paulo.

Social clubs

Many families in cities across Brazil are members of a sports or social club. Generally referred to as Clubes, these vary in terms of infrastructure and facilities as well as membership fees. Most offer family membership and are used for weekend family entertainment.

The clubs usually have at least one swimming pool, games rooms, children’s playgrounds (both indoor and outdoor), small theaters, football pitches, tennis courts and basketball courts. Many of them also run activities for both adults and children which can vary from painting classes to judo.

Municipal parks

The beaches of coastal cities (Rio and the Northern and North Eastern cities) are popular for family entertainment, while São Paulo and most inland cities in the South and South-East have large, well-structured parks which become busy, particularly on Sundays. The main park in São Paulo, Parque Ibirapuera, has gardens, an art museum, a planetarium, and open spaces for leisure, jogging and walking.

As Brazil’s urban population increases, developers are tending to add swimming pools, compact playgrounds and games rooms to the facilities available in apartment complexes. However residential neighborhoods almost always have small parks which often include swings and slides. In São Paulo, the city council has spent a great deal of money on improving these and they are now generally safe and pleasant.