Marriage and Partnerships in Brazil

The Brazilian marriage process can seem complicated and confusing to foreigners. Here, we explain all you need to know about getting married in Brazil...

As in most Christian countries, there exists a civil wedding ceremony and a religious wedding ceremony.

A civil wedding can take place either in a Civil Registry Office (Cartório de Regístro Civil) or in any other place that is open to the public.

The religious ceremony can take any form chosen by the couple, but in itself it is not legally binding. However, the civil requirements can be met to ensure a religious marriage is legally binding, provided that at some point during the religious ceremony the civil register is signed in the presence of the notary authority and at least two witnesses, and registration with the relevant authorities is subsequently completed.

Couples that choose a Catholic ceremony have to attend a one-day course before the wedding. The church chosen by the couple can provide information on the exact locations and dates for courses.

A marriage (casamento) in Brazil is recognized as valid in most other countries.