Animal Organizations in Brazil

Information and contact details for national animal protection and welfare organizations, plus pet rescue centers operating in Brazil...

There are a number of associations in Brazil that support animal rights and fight against cruelty.

  • Quintal de São Francisco: Animal protection agency (in Portuguese)
    At: Avenida Lins de Vasconcelos 1667, Aclimação, 01537-001 São Paulo 
    Tel: (11) 2062 8263
    Fax: (11) 2215 8043
  • Aliança Internacional do Animal - AILA: Association fighting against cruelty to animals
    At: Rua Pasquale Gallupi 900, Jardim Paraisópolis, 05660-000 São Paulo 
    Tel: (11) 3749 0800 / (11) 3749 9996
    Fax: (11) 3507 1418
  • APASFA: Association providing adoption, castration and veterinary services (in Portuguese)
    Tel: (11) 6955 4352
  • PEA: Animal protection association (in Portuguese)
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad - WSPA: Brazilian association fighting for animal rights throughout the world (in Portuguese)

Reporting Animal Abuse

Cruelty to animals is an offense under Brazilian law and the punishment is three months to one year imprisonment and a fine. The Animal Protection Union (União Protetora dos Animais - UPA) is a not-for-profit organization where cases of animal abuse may be reported. Based in Campinas in São Paulo State, they operate in ten cities in Brazil. The website provides a list of lost and found animals and allows animal owners to post details of their lost pet. Animals are also available for adoption.