Buying or Adopting a Pet

Information on the rules and regulations to consider when buying or selling a dog, cat or any other animal in Brazil…

Brazil has many licensed animal and pet shops, which also provide veterinary services. It should be guaranteed that a pet bought at a pet shop has had the necessary inoculations and is healthy and fit.

The Animal Support Association (Associação de Amparo aos Animais) in São Paulo is a non-governmental organization with animals in need of a home.

  • Associação de Amparo aos Animais
    At: Rua Purus 475, Diadema, 09932-240
    Tel: (11) 4094 2059

Many Brazilians choose to own a dog for security reasons. Many large or vulnerable properties in Brazil will have a sign reading cuidado com o cachorro meaning beware of the dog, even if there is not an animal on the premises. Many private security firms in Brazil use working dogs as an integral part of the daily, nightly or even hourly security patrols.