Restrictions on Animals in Brazil

Information about restricted breeds, and rules regarding pets in public places in Brazil…

Dangerous dogs

In many states in Brazil, for example Santa Catarina and Minas Gerais, there are laws against breeding and selling pit bull dogs. The law also states that it is obligatory at six months of age to sterilize (castrate) the dog. Other states such as Belo Horizonte have made microchip identification obligatory for pit bulls.

Dogs which are considered dangerous should be muzzled by the owner as Brazilian law makes all dog owners responsible in the event of an attack.

Traveling with pets

Apart from guide dogs, pets and animals are not permitted on busses, trains or the Metrô in São Paulo.

Coach travel

Small domestic pets may only travel on coaches if the following documents are presented:

  • Valid vaccination certificate
  • Recent health certificate from a veterinarian (Certificado Zoosanitãrio)

Pets must travel in a container no larger than 20cm wide, 25cm high and 40cm long.

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