Enrolling Your Child in a New School

Information on the school enrolment procedure in Brazil...

In state schools, children attend the school closest to their place of residence. Parents need to go directly to the school to start the registration process (matriculate).

Insurance is not required for a child to enter state school; in private schools, the school advises prospective parents on what is required. There are no mandatory vaccinations to enroll a child in state school, although some private schools may have their own requirements.

Federal law demands that all schools, state and private, file the personal details of all children starting studies, and that this data is kept updated each year. This information includes full name, date and place of birth, parentage, residence contact details, a recent passport-size photograph and a medical history including most recent tetanus booster (if applicable) and blood type.

The parents should also provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate for the school’s records.

Private schools generally charge an enrolment fee called a matrícula. This is usually the equivalent of the monthly school fee. It is charged at the beginning of every academic year. This means that there are actually 13 monthly fees to be paid. If a school does not charge the matrícula, it will probably explain that it is absorbed into the 12 monthly fees.