International Schooling and Foreign Language Students

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Most private schools welcome foreign language students – a practice which is good for the visiting children, as well as providing an enriching experience for the regular students. Indeed, a number of private schools actively encourage the integration of visiting students from overseas through exchange programs.

Although many of the teachers have at least limited English-language skills, special provisions are not made for the visiting students during classes. For this reason, it is highly recommended that if a student is spending any significant period of time at a Brazilian school, private Portuguese language classes be arranged. The school itself will be able to make recommendations for private classes, either internally at the school or externally by qualified teachers who can visit the student's home.

Most large cities have international schools. The American School in Rio de Janeiro and St-Paul’s School in São Paulo are two of the better known private schools in the country.

International schools demand that English or the target language (sometimes German or Japanese) is spoken at all times around the school grounds, and the education provided is often geared towards the students winning places at universities overseas.

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