School Hours

Details about the daily school schedule and after school care arrangements...

Regardless of the system, be it public or private, most schools divide their academic day into three sessions, which may run (more or less) between 07:00 and 12:00, 12:00 and 17:00, and 17:00 and 22:00. A child will only attend one session per school day.

Some schools may offer just one of these sessions, some may offer the morning and afternoon sessions, others may provide all three.

This system is usually implemented in order to cope with the number of children enrolled, and the individual school may have classrooms designated for a certain age group, with one class following another of a similar age in the same space. Other schools may teach young children during one session, with the older children taking over the spaces at different times, or vice-versa.

Collection from School and After School Care

Parents with children in private schools are often able to make arrangements for nannies or housekeepers to look after children once school has finished or before it starts (depending upon the period most suitable/available for the child). Traditional Latin family structures also mean that another common arrangement is for the child’s grandparents to take care of them during the time the parents are at work.

Arrangements for collecting children from schools also vary. Private schools usually ask parents to make a formal arrangement with them, detailing who will be authorized to collect the child or children. Depending upon the proximity of the school to the child’s home, a nanny or housekeeper may collect the children; some families employ a driver.

Many people make arrangements with other parents of children who study together to drop off and pick up the children on alternate days.