Emergency Numbers in Brazil

Who to call and what to say in an emergency…

National Emergency Services

National Emergency Services Telephone
Medical Emergency (ambulância) Tel: 192
Fire Service (Corpo de Bombeiros) Tel: 193
Federal Police (Polícia Federal) Tel: 194
Federal Highway Police (Polícia Rodoviária Federal) Tel: 191
State Highway Police (Polícia Rodoviária do Estado) Tel: 198
São Paulo Civil Police (Polícia Civil do Estado de São Paulo) Tel: 197
São Paulo Military Police (Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo) Tel: 190
Rio de Janeiro Civil Police (Polícia Civil do Estado de Rio de Janiero) Tel: 197
Rio de Janeiro Military Police (Polícia Militar do Estado de Rio de Janiero) Tel: 190
Sea Rescue (Salvamento Marítimo) Tel: (21) 2104 6119

Understanding the Brazilian Police Services

  1. Federal Police (Polícia Federal) fight crimes committed against the state (more information: Click here)
  2. Civil Police (Polícia Civil) are the state bureau of investigation (more information: Click here)
  3. Military Police (Polícia Militar) work within the Brazilian military and maintain public order (more information: Click here)


In general, pharmacies in Brazil are open from 08:30-19:00, many stay open until 22:00, and all stay open during lunch time. Most pharmacies are open six days per week and are closed on either Sunday or Monday.

Glossary of Emergency Terms and Phrases

English Portuguese
I have had an accident Eu sofri um acidente
This is an emergency Temos uma emergência
I need an ambulance Preciso de uma ambulância
I need a doctor Preciso de um médico
I need the police Chamar a polícia
Heart attack Infarto
I have had / he/she has had a stroke Eu sofrei/ ele/ela sofreu um aneurisma, ataque apopléctico
Very sick Muito doente
Unconscious Inconsciente
Where is the nearest hospital? Onde é o hospital mais próximo?
Is there a pharmacy near here? Há uma farmácia aqui perto?
Call the fire services Chamar os bombeiros
I have had a car accident Eu sofri um acidente de carro
I have been robbed/mugged Eu fui vitimo de um assalto or Eu fui roubado