Hospitals and Clinics in Brazil

Understand what to expect if you are hospitalized or prescribed medication in Brazil...

Brazil's medical facilities and equipment are of a high standard. São Paulo is one of the 47 world centers for technological innovation recognized by the UN and has world-class hospitals and clinics.

Medical posts or clinics are known as UBS (Unidade basica de saude) and are a good alternative if a hospital is too far away. Some treat walk-in patients every day, while others only on certain days. Services and treatment are free. For on-going health issues, medical professionals will direct patients to an AMA, which can either be found in the same hospital or in a clinic nearby.

General practitioners can be found in hospitals, clinics and in walk-in private practices.

Health support services

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has information on health services for women, children and adolescents, the elderly, people with reduced mobility and cancer prevention (website in Portuguese).

  • The Unified Health System provides a Health Hotline support service. Tel: 136 (open 24-hours Monday to Friday). Between 07:00-22:00, callers can speak directly to an operator. On weekends and holidays, automated electronic information is available.
  • The Brazilian National Cancer Institute has information in English on cancer prevention and control programs
  • Ministry of Health Information Line for Health Services
    0800 61 1997

Medical Tourism

Brazil has become one of the top medical tourism destinations in South America due to the relatively low cost of treatment. Many of the private hospitals in Brazil offer a complete package, which includes the procedure, hospital stay and even lodging and recuperation expenses.

Surgeons in Brazil can also carry out popular procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, hip and knee replacement surgery and gender reassignment. Credentials of potential doctors can be verified at the Brazilian Ministry of Health.