Prenatal Care in Brazil

Understanding prenatal care in Brazil, with information about some of the prenatal classes available…

Once pregnancy is confirmed, it is common for women to select a specific gynecologist to care for her throughout the pregnancy. For those with private health insurance, check directly with the doctors which health insurance plans are accepted. It is not necessary for the woman to inform her health insurance company that she is pregnant, but it is advisable, in order to find out which services and facilities she is entitled to.

An initial check-up will take place once pregnancy is confirmed. It is common for most women to have a monthly check-up until eight months of pregnancy and a weekly check-up thereafter until the birth. If the chosen gynecologist does not perform deliveries, they may recommend a specialist obstetrician.

Many maternity hospitals run prenatal care courses during pregnancy, and post-birth baby-care classes. The courses consist of classes by specialists in how to care for newborn babies, including advice regarding vaccinations, nutrition, breast feeding and a baby's oral hygiene.