Registration of the Birth

Understand what to do to make sure that the birth of your new child is properly registered...

The day following the birth, the hospital will provide the parent(s) with a birth declaration (Declaração de Nascidos Vivos - DNV) containing the date and time of the birth.

This document, along with proof of identity, must be taken to the Civil Registry Office (Cartório) closest to the parent's place of residence within 15 days, or within three and a half months if the registry office is more than 30 Km from the place of birth.

  • To find a local Civil Registry Office: Click here

If the parents are married, the registration can be done by either of the parents, as long as they take the identification of the other parent and the marriage certificate.

If the parents are unmarried, the mother should go to the Registry Office. If the father is not accompanying her for any reason, she will be asked to provide his personal details and he will receive an official request to appear before the Registry Office. If there is doubt over the parentage, more than one name may be stated.

Should the mother prefer not to declare the father's name, she may do so. At any moment during the child's life, the mother may decide to state the father's name. After an investigation, and if proven, the father's name may be added to the birth certificate.

If a baby is born at home, or anywhere outside a hospital or clinic, the mother must get a DNV certificate from a health center, or the parents must take two witnesses along to the Registry Office, one of whom should be the person who delivered the child, if possible.

Following the registration procedure, it is not possible to change the name or the spelling. First names that may be considered as detrimental to the child may be refused.

The birth registration process is free and the Registry Office will provide one copy of the birth certificate (Certidão de Nascimento) free of charge.

Registering the birth with an Embassy

If one of the parents is not a Brazilian national, it is advisable to report the birth to their home country Embassy, who will issue a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or a Birth Certificate.

Some or all of the following are needed to register a newborn with an Embassy. Check with the Embassy for exact details:

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Mother's full birth certificate
  • Father's full birth certificate
  • A copy of the parents' marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Passport of the parents
  • A fee payable to the Embassy
  • For details of registering a child with the US Embassy: Click here
  • For details of registering a child with the British Embassy: Click here