Support Groups in Brazil

Contact details for English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), drug aid, cancer support meetings, AIDS and more...

While some of the support organizations and help lines listed below may have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English will be spoken.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (Alcoólicos Anônimos) in Brazil has a website (in Portuguese) that includes information on AA Brazil and local meetings. It is also possible to buy books and DVDs on the site.

Drug Abuse

The Brazilian Association Narcotics Anonymous (Narcóticos Anônimos) provides addicts with support groups and recovery programs.

They also have a help line for drug addicts and their families.

  • Narcotics Anonymous Help Line
    : (11) 3101 9626


  • HIV/AIDS Infoline (Disque Saude
    Tel: 0800 162 550 (Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00)

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has a website with information about Brazil's national prevention program, living with HIV and AIDS and treatments available in Brazil.

  • For the Ministry of Health STD-AIDS website: Click here

Brazil's social policies have enabled it to have one of the highest success rates among developing countries for confronting the AIDS problem. Among the initiatives undertaken by The Brazilian Ministry of Health is delivering 3.3 million HIV Fast Test Kits to Brazilian states in 2009. The object of the initiative is to expand early diagnosis of infection by the HIV virus. They can be requested at public and private hospitals and clinics.

Smoking Cessation Support

INCA is the body of the Brazilian Ministry of Health that coordinates the National Tobacco Control Program. This program is mainly funded by the Brazilian government. The specific objective is to reduce smoking initiation, particularly among the youth.

  • For further information on the program provided by the Brazilian Government: Click here
  • Stop-Smoking Help Line
    : 0800 611 997

Cancer Support

The Brazilian Ministry of Health Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional de Câncer) campaigns for the prevention and cure of cancer in Brazil. Their programs are handled by CONPREV, Cancer Prevention and Surveillance Coordination Unit.

  • Conprev
  • Brazilian Instituto Nacional de Câncer/INCA
    : Praça Cruz Vermelha 23, Centro 20230-130, Rio de Janeiro 
  • To find a specialized cancer clinic or hospital in Brazil: Click here (in Portuguese)

Mental Health

The Mental Health department of the Brazilian Ministry of Health makes therapeutic residences available, responsible for the integration of patients who have been in psychiatric hospitals. There are more than 470 therapeutic residences throughout Brazil.

Many walk-in public health clinics (Pronto Socorro) in Brazil have 24-hour emergency psychiatric services, which include support and counseling.

There are a number of organizations throughout Brazil that offer support and counseling.


The Samaritans offer crisis counseling over the telephone for those in need.

GASM (Grupo de Apoio em Saúde Mental) is a support group for people with mental health problems.

  • GASM
    Tel: (62) 3204 2565

ABRATA (Brazilian Association of Families and Friends of People With Mental Disorders) is an association for those suffering from depression as well as their families and friends.

  • ABRATA (in Portuguese)
    : (11) 3256-4831 (Monday to Friday 13:30-17:00)

AFDM (Brazilian Association of Mental Care Patients, Friends, and Family) was created to provide assistance to those suffering from mental illness.

  • AFDM
    : (21) 2507 4558 / 2507 5830

ASTOC (Brazilian Association for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) is for sufferers and families of Tourettes, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

    : (11) 3088 9198 / 3085 2978

Family Support

The Brazilian government makes teams of family health advisors available in public hospitals and clinics (Equipes de Saúde da Família). The teams are equipped with a family doctor, one nurse, a nursing auxiliary and six community health agents. These professionals are available for all aspects of family health and support.

The Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem em Saúde Coletiva e Família is an organization whose mission it is to provide information and advice on family health matters.

  • Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem em Saúde Coletiva e Família

Children's Support

The Brazilian children and adolescents organization Centro de Referência, Estudos e Ações sobre Crianças e Adolescentes - CECRIA provides help and advice for children in need and can assist with legal matters and with contacting the relevant social services.

  • CECRIA Help Line
    : (11) 3104 4850
  • CECRIA Adolescent Helpline
    : (11) 3819 2022

SOS Children is a non-profit organization working to care for orphans throughout the world.

  • SOS Children (SOS Criança
    : 1407

Elderly Support

Associação Brasileira de Alzheimer, Doenças Similares e Idosos de Alta Dependência/ABRAZ is an association providing help and support to those suffering from Alzheimers, other similar illnesses and to those who are highly dependent on support from others.

  • ABRAZ (in Portuguese)
    : Rua Frei Caneca 915, CJ3, 01307-003 São Paulo
    Tel: 0800 55 1906 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00)

Women's Support

The Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher is a support group for woman who have been victims of violence.

  • Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher
    Tel: (11) 3976 2908

The Brazilian government provides support centers (Delegacias Especializadas de Atendimento à Mulher - DEAM) for women who have been victims of any sort of crime.