Special Requirements for Large Developments

Information about the specific requirements that apply to building large developments in Brazil...

Large developments may have to follow additional requirements, due to the complexity of the projects. In these cases, preliminary approval from other councils and departments, or the presentation of complementary documentation, may be necessary.

It is recommend to ask for the pre-schematic drawings during the Project Guidelines (Diretrizes de Projeto) submission. During this analysis, the site plan conditions will be checked, in addition to the land cut and fill, building mass, urban rates, built areas, accesses and the number of parking units.

Traffic generation poles (Polo Gerador de Tráfego)

This refers to permanent or temporary buildings which, due to the concentration of properties or services, attract a large crowd, with a significant impact on the surrounding traffic requiring numerous parking spaces, loading docks or drop-off areas.

Classification of Traffic Generation Poles:

  • Residential: 500 parking units or more
  • Any use other than residential: 200 parking units or more
  • Any use other than residential located in a Special Traffic Area (AET): 80 parking units or more
  • Health care services: 7,500m2 or more
  • Educational services: 2,500m2 or more
  • Special public services and temporary activities: 500 people or more
  • Sports and leisure services: 2,500m2 or more

Impacts on neighborhood (Relatório de Impacto de Vizinhança - RIV)

The following developments must present the RIV, to be analyzed and approved by the Environment and Sustainable Development City Council (Conselho Municipal do Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentável - CADES) according to these laws: Decretos 34.713/94 and 36.613/96.

Developments under the RIV analysis:

  • Residential: 80,000m2 or more
  • Services: 60,000m2 or more
  • Commercial: 60,000m2 or more
  • Industrial: 20,000m2 or more
  • Civic: 40,000m2 or more
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