Property Purchase Professionals

Make sure that you are dealing with accredited real estate agents when buying a house or apartment in Brazil...

In Brazil, only estate agents are authorized to participate in real estate transactions. The profession has been recognized and regulated by national legislation since the 1960s. Only the property owner and the estate agent can do business in this segment, within Brazilian territory.

The Regional Real Estate Brokers Councils (Conselhos Regionais de Corretores de Imóveis - CRECI) and the Federal Council of Real Estate Brokers (Conselho Federal de Corretores de Imóveis - COFECI) are the governing bodies that establish rules and standards of the profession.

Official estate agents carry a professional ID card obtained from CRECI. Clients must request to see this card whenever dealing with someone claiming to be an intermediary in real estate transactions. Cofeci-Crecis offers a free service to verify the ID number in their system.

  • Creci São Paulo
    : (11) 3886 4915
    Fax: (11) 3887 3152
  • Creci Rio de Janeiro
    : (21) 2509 6242
    Fax: (21) 2224 6180
Information prepared by Anna Paulo S. Do Carmo, CRECI 8706, APJ Imóveis Av. Alm. Marques de Leão 318, Barra, Edf. Centro Emp. Farol da Barra, Sala 309 40140-230 Salvador, Bahia Tel: (71) 9973 8275, Skype: annacarmo, e-mail / Website