Sending Domestic Mail and Parcels

Find out how to address and send post in Brazil, including a glossary of useful terms...

Standard envelopes when sending letters in Brazil are rectangular. Different shapes may cost more to send. A standard envelope should not exceed 5mm in thickness and should be sealed without the use of staples or clips.

Writing addresses

It is recommended to address letters and parcels in blue or black ink and in capital letters with the following information:

  • Name or company name
  • Name and number of the road and further information if required
  • Name of the district (Bairro)
  • City or region name and Brazilian Federal Union sign
  • Post code

For example:


If the address is for an apartment or an office, the second line will look like this:


The 3° indicates that the apartment or office is on the third floor of number 850 Rua Afonso Camargo, and that it is on the right (Dir, or D, is short for direita). If the apartment or office is on the left, write Esq, or E (short for esquerda).

The sender's address should be included on the back of the envelope or parcel in the center. The recipient's address must be written on the front in the center of the envelope. The stamp is placed in the front top right hand corner.

Postage options and delivery times

Regular and priority mail letters can be sent using postage-paid envelopes, stamps or franking machines located within Post Offices.

Domestic postage-paid envelopes are available for:

  • Regular mail (Correio normal)
  • Express mail (SEDEX 10)
  • Same day national mail (SEDEX HOJE)

Regular mail: Domestic delivery estimated at between one and three days.

SEDEX 10: This is an Express service for documents and parcels with guaranteed registered delivery up to 10:00 the morning following the day of posting (from Monday to Saturday).

  • Express mail can be tracked online: Click here and select Objetos Nacionais.

SEDEX HOJE: Same-day recorded mail delivery service to some main Brazilian cities.

  • Parcels can be declared up to a value of R$10,000 and can be tracked online: Click here and select Objetos Nacionais.

SEDEX MUNDI is the international registered mail service. Delivery time to Europe is from four to six days.

Weight limits and sizes

Regular mail and SEDEX 10:

  • Box or Parcel: Length,  width and thickness must not exceed 1,500mm
  • Roll or Prism: Diameter no greater than 104cm
  • Envelope: 11cm x 16cm minimum, maximum dimension no more than 60cm


The maximum weight limit for SEDEX HOJE is 10 Kg and dimensions must not exceed:

  • Parcel: Minimum 9cm x 14cm, maximum length, width and thickness 150 cm
  • Envelope: Minimum 11.4cm x 1.62cm


The maximum weight limit for SEDEX MUNDI is 5 Kg and must not exceed:

  • Parcel: One side no more than 105 cm, sum of all sides no more than 150 cm
  • Envelope: Medium 250mm x 353mm (A4 format), large: 390mm x 460mm (A3 format)

Other Postal Services

Postal boxes (Caixa postal)

Post boxes can be bought from the Post Office for three, six or twelve months.

Easy Export (Exporta Fácil)

Exporta Fácil is a mail service for businesses and individuals who wish to export products without doing all the related paperwork. The post office registers the exportation of the product with the Brazilian Federal agencies (Sistema de Comércio Exterior - SISCOMEX).

It is not necessary to register as an importer or exporter if the value of the goods is below US$1,000. If the value of the export is over US$1,000, fill in a Simplified Declaration of Exportation form (Declaração Simplificada de Exportação - DSE). Exports with a value of up to US$50,000 and with a maximum weight of 30 Kg can be sent using this service.

Delivery deadlines vary depending on the service used and the final destination of the product:

  • Sedex Mundi: guaranteed delivery from 1 to 4 days
  • Expressa (EMS): delivery estimated at between 3 and 7 days
  • Mercadoria Econômica: delivery estimated at between 14 and 30 days
  • Leve Prioritária: delivery estimated at between 4 and 13 days
  • Leve Econômica: delivery estimated at between 14 and 30 days

Easy Import (Importa Fácil)

Importa Fácil is a service provided by the Brazilian Post Office for businesses, individuals or scientists who wish to import products to Brazil.

  • For further information: Click here (in Portuguese)

SEDEX A Cobrar

SEDEX a Cobrar is a guaranteed delivery service where the sender must declare the value of the goods. In the case of non-delivery, the Post Service reimburses the sender. The cost of the insurance is one percent of the value of the merchandise. There is a 30 Kg weight limit with this service.

CPF applications

Individuals can apply for an Individual Taxpayer's Number (Cadastro de Pessoa Física - CPF) at the Post Office. It is also possible to apply for a replacement CPF card in the event of loss or theft.


National and international telegrams can be sent electronically via the Internet, by telephone or in a Post Office.

  • Tel: 0800 725 7282
  • For further information: Click here (in Portuguese)

Marketing Direto

The Post Office offers a direct marketing service which provides demographic and geographic information to businesses looking to target particular markets.

  • For further information: Click here (in Portuguese)

Post Office Banking Services

Some Post Offices provide financial and banking services (Banco Postal).

Glossary of Postal Terminology

English Brazilian-Portuguese
Address Endereço
Post office Correio
Post office box Caixa postal
Express postal service SEDEX
Ordinary postal service Correio normal
On the right Dir (direita)
On the left Esq (esquerda)
Ground floor Terreno
Postal codes Códigos de Endereçamento Postal
Stamp Selo