Gas in Brazil

Find out how to get connected to Brazilian gas suppliers...

In many areas of Brazil, the gas supply does not run off a mains system. Instead, gas is sold in a tank (butijão) and is distributed by private companies. For example, in São Paulo, the biggest of these companies are Ultragaz and Liquigás, which have sales locations throughout the state. However, the most common way to purchase gas is by exchanging an empty tank for a full one from a company truck. These trucks travel through the streets playing a distinctive tune from their PA systems to announce their presence.

Although tanks range in size from 4.8 Kg to 216 Kg, most people use the 13 Kg size butijão and the best strategy is to own at least two. This way, when one runs out there is always a reserve on hand to continue cooking with until the gas company truck passes nearby again. However, it is possible to call the gas company and place an order; delivery is usually made within a few hours.

The price of gas varies depending upon the neighborhood and distribution company, but a botijão in the São Paulo state capital costs an average of about R$36 if bought from a store, or R$40 if purchased from a truck or via special delivery.

  • Ultragas
    : (11) 4003 0123 (São Paulo metropolitan region)
    Tel: 0800 7010 123 (other areas)
  • Liquigás
    There are over 70 authorized Liquigás distributors in Greater São Paulo. Their individual telephone contact details can be found by accessing the company website and going to the Faça seu Pedido section.


The biggest mains line distributor of natural gas in Brazil is Comgás. However, as many people still prefer to rely upon the botijão in the kitchen, and electricity is still more popular for bathroom water heating, the company often only supplies a small percentage of customers, depending on the location.

The company uses officially certified freelance technicians who can provide estimates on installation charges and installation services.

Alternatively, the company’s customer services department can advise about the benefits and safety aspects of mainline natural gas, and help find the nearest qualified technician.

  • Comgás
    : Alameda Santos 1800, São Paulo 
    : 08000 110 197 (24-hour customer service)