Holiday Accommodation Options in Brazil

Information about where to stay when taking a holiday or traveling in Brazil...

Brazil is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Latin America for both business and leisure and the tourism industry in Brazil is developing rapidly. São Paulo is the top destination in Brazil for business trips, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina are popular for both leisure and cultural holidays. Ecotourism and adventure tourism are gaining popularity throughout the country. For all types of tourism there is a wide variety of accommodation available.


The Brazilian Hotel Association (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Hoteleira - ABIH) uses the official hospitality classification system (Regulamentação do Sistema Oficial de Classificação de Meios de Hospedagem)

The hotels are classified as follows:

  • Super Luxury (Super Luxo): more than 5 stars
  • Luxury (Luxo): 5 stars
  • Superior (Superior): 4 stars
  • Tourist (Turístico): 3 stars
  • Economic (Econômico): 2 stars
  • Simple (Simples): 1 star

Bed & Breakfast and Guest Houses

These vary from professionally run guest houses (pousadas) to European concept inns providing bed and breakfast


In Brazil, youth hostels are called Albergues da Juventude. The Brazilian Youth Hostel Federation (La Federação Brasileira de Albergues da Juventude - FBAJ) can provide information on hostel accommodation. The FBAJ manages over 90 hostels all affiliated to Hostelling International.

There are also many private youth hostels in major cities; quality and price can vary greatly.

Camping and Caravanning

Camping is not very common in Brazil. However, campers should not find too many difficulties if they want to pitch their tent in a Brazilian national park. The Brazilian Camping Club (Camping Cube do Brasil) runs nearly 50 campsites and can provide information on camping.

ACAMP is an online camping resource with information on campsites throughout the country, classified adverts and a directory of camping products and services.


Ecological tourism is becoming increasingly popular and São Paulo has a variety of activities and trails in the Atlantic rainforest that surrounds the city.

  • For information on ecotourism points in São Paulo: Click here

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