Golf and Golfing in Brazil

Information on Brazilian golf clubs, facilities and organizations...

Although golf in Brazil is becoming more popular, it has not yet gained the popularity it has in Europe or the US. There are around 100 clubs registered with the Brazilian Golf Federation, and 40 of them are located in the country's wealthiest state, São Paulo. Another 10 of the clubs are registered with the Rio de Janeiro Federation. The Brazilian Golf Federation (Confederação Brasileira de Golfe - CBG) website has information on golf clubs and driving ranges throughout the country.

  • Brazilian Golf Federation (Confederação Brasileira de Golfe)
    : Rua Paes de Araújo 29, conj. 42, 04531-090 São Paulo
    Tel: (11) 3168 4366
  • São Paulo Golf Federation (Federação Paulista de Golfe)
    : Rua Antonio Gebara 177, Jardim Ceci, Planalto Paulista, 04071-020 São Paulo
    Tel: (11) 5594 3839
  • Rio de Janeiro Golf Federation (Federação de Golfe do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
    At: Rua Olegário Maciel 451, Co. 308, Barra da Tijuca, 22621-200 Rio de Janeiro
    Tel: (21) 2495 4915 / 2495 5003

Playing Golf in Brazil

Golf rules in Brazil are the standard R&A rules, although each club may have local rules depending on the course conditions.

Brazil follows the handicap system established by the United States Golf Association (USGA), but clubs do not require a player to have a handicap in order to play. Note that not all clubs have a course rating yet.

For foreigners in São Paulo wishing to transfer their European or USGA handicap, it is recommended to contact the São Paulo Golf Federation for information.

When to play

In Brazil, golf is a year-round sport. Although there is an official season, which generally runs from February or March (depending upon Carnival) until November, this may vary from club to club. In São Paulo, the rainy season is December and January, with downpours almost every day in late afternoon or early evening.

Getting into a golf club

All clubs in Brazil are open to visitors, although at many clubs it may be necessary to be signed in by a member. Inquire when booking.

There are no membership fees to be paid for a one-off round of golf, just a course fee. Prices vary, depending on the day of the week and the club itself and its facilities. This fee usually provides full access to the club's facilities, which always includes a changing room (often with a sauna), a restaurant and bar, and may include a swimming pool and gym.

Although insurance and a medical certificate are not required to play, a medical certificate may be required to use the swimming pool. Depending upon the time of the day and day of the week, this may be arranged with the club doctor during the visit.

Most golf clubs prohibit shorts or jeans.

Golf Club Services

All clubs will be able to suggest qualified instructors who can provide golf lessons. All clubs have both caddies and golf carts available for hire, and these can be arranged either upon arrival or in advance.

For those who do not have their own set of clubs, most clubs can rent them to visitors and the driving ranges all have equipment for hire. There are a growing number of golf equipment stores in Brazil's major cities, though most clubs have pro shops on their grounds selling a range of golfing equipment and accessories.

Golf Clubs In and Around São Paulo

  • São Paulo Golf Club - One of the most traditional and elite clubs in the country, set in the middle of the São Paulo conurbation of Santo Amaro. Founded in 1901, the course is par 71 and 6,500 yards
    : Pça. Dom Francisco de Souza 540, Santo Amaro, São Paulo 
    Tel: (11) 5521 9255 / 5521 9660
  • Guarapiranga Golf and Country Club - A course easily accessible from the city of São Paulo
    : Estrada do Jaceguava, Parelheiros, São Paulo
    Tel: (11) 5922 1000
  • São Fernando Golf Club - Situated about 20 miles from São Paulo
    : Estrada Fernando Nobre 4000, Vila de São Fernando, Cotia 
    Tel: (11) 4617 9000

Driving ranges

  • Golf School
    : Av. Guido Caloi 2,160, Santo Amaro, São Paulo
    Tel: (11) 5515 3372
  • Federação Paulista de Golfe
    : Rua Dep. João Caldeira 273, Jardim Ceci, São Paulo 
    Tel: (11) 5587 5844 / 5587 3858

Golf Clubs In and Around Rio de Janeiro

  • Gávea Golf and Country Club
    : Estrada da Gávea 800, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro 
    Tel: (21) 3323 6050
    Set between the Rio mountains and the beach. A relatively easy course; par 68