Banking in Brazil

Information on the banking system in Brazil. Find out how to open an account and what to do if your cards are lost or stolen, plus an overview of the banking services available...

The Brazilian banking system offers a substantial range of services for both private individuals and companies. Banking rules are strictly enforced, and all banking business is closely monitored by the banks themselves and by the Central Bank of Brazil (Banco Central do Brasil).

In addition to the extensive branch network of the major retail banks, many of which have self-service ATM halls, most services available at the bank itself are also available via Internet banking.

Brazilian banks offer current accounts, savings and investment accounts, credit and debit card services, personal loans and overdrafts, and, in some cases, foreign exchange services. Local banks will also set up standing orders, and accept payment of utility bills and local, state and federal taxes. They also accept installment payment books (carnê). Installment books are issued in stores if a person doesn't have a credit card and wishes to pay in several installments. The installments are payable either in the store itself or through the banking system.

Main Brazilian Banks

Private banks:

The two largest state-owned banks are:

The Central Bank of Brazil:

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