Lost and Stolen Credit Cards and Mobile Cellular Phones

What to do and where to call if your credit cards or telephones are lost or stolen in Brazil...

Any loss or theft should be reported immediately to the bank or credit card company to stop the checks and/or cancel the card. It is also necessary to go to the nearest police station (delegacia de polícia) to file a formal police report (boletim de ocorrência - BO) as soon as possible.

In the state of São Paulo, lost or stolen documents and cards can be registered on the São Paulo government website. A copy of this registration will need to be shown to the bank. In the event of loss or theft of check books and personal documents, call the credit protection agency SERASA.

    : 11 33 SERASA or (11) 3373 7272
  • To download the registration form for lost/stolen documents: Click here (PDF in Portuguese)

Lost/Stolen Mobile Phones

All mobile phones have a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code. This belongs to the handset and is associated with the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card, which holds the telephone number assigned to a customer.

  • A SIM card - holds the telephone number and memory. Access can be protected by personalizing the card with a four-digit PIN number
  • An IMEI number - this is a mobile telephone's unique identification number

The IMEI number provides protection if a phone is lost or stolen. The IMEI code is clearly shown on the paperwork at time of purchase. Note it down and keep it separate from the telephone.

Alternatively, enter *#06# into the telephone to display the IMEI number.

In the event of the loss or theft of a mobile phone, call the customer services number of the service provider and provide them with the mobile phone number of the device which has been lost or stolen. The company will open a report and give the client a protocol number for future reference. However, from the moment the request to block the line is registered, the number may not be used and the person will not be charged for any calls made.

A police report is not necessary either for the blocking of the line or its future reactivation if the mobile phone is stolen. However, a police report will be necessary for insurance purposes.

The blocked mobile phone number can be easily reactivated when purchasing a replacement mobile, without any need of the protocol number or proof of previous deactivation.

TIM Tel: *144 from a TIM-account mobile phone
Tel: 0800 741 4141 or (11) 2847 6144 from a land-line 
Claro Tel: 1052
Vivo Tel: 1058
Oi Tel: 1057
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