General Taxes in Brazil

Understand the Brazilian tax system. Find out who has to pay and how to go about it...

In Brazil, the general principles of taxation are defined by the Federal Constitution. Taxes are levied at the Union, Federal District, state and municipality levels.

The Cadastro de Pessoa Física - CPF is an Individual Taxpayer Number and is required for many everyday transactions in Brazil.

Social Security (Seguridade Social)

In Brazil all self-employed individuals as well as employees of companies must pay social security contributions to the National Institute of Social Security (Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social - INSS) of the Ministry of Social Welfare (Ministério da Previdência Social). This contribution guarantees that the contributor or their family will receive money in the event of illness, injury, accident, pregnancy or death of the payee. An employee will withhold on payments to individuals such contributions at rates ranging from 8 to 11 percent; a self-employed individual will pay 20 percent.

Monthly Salary (R$) Percentage (%)
Up to 1.174,86 8
1.174,87 to 1.958,10 9
1.958,11 to 3.916,20 11
  • Self-employed workers can register to pay into the Social Welfare fund online: Click here (in Portuguese)

The Ministry of Social Welfare has a helpline for information. Calls are free unless calling from a mobile phone.

  • Ministry of Social Welfare
    Tel: 135 (Monday to Saturday 07:00-22:00 Brasília time; summer hours: 08:00-23:00)

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