Social Security and Welfare in Brazil

Find out about an individual's obligations and entitlements under Brazil's social welfare system...

Brazilian social security benefits are only available to Brazilians and foreigners who are contributing to the social security system in the form of contributions paid by the employer and the employee, or by the individual if they are a self-employed worker or business owner.

The Ministry of Social Welfare (Ministério da Previdência Social) is the overseeing government body for social security benefits in Brazil. Social Welfare (Previdência Social) is an insurance that guarantees payments for the contributor and their family in the event of illness, accident, pregnancy, imprisonment, death or old age.

To benefit from the scheme, it is necessary to be registered and contribute every month. An employee will pay between 8 and 11 percent; a self-employed individual will pay 20 percent. This contribution guarantees that the contributor or their family will receive money in the event of illness, injury, accident, pregnancy or death of the payee.

The Ministry of Social Welfare has a helpline for information. Calls are free unless calling from a mobile phone.