Registering for Social Security and Welfare

How to register for social security contributions and benefit from them in Brazil...

Different registration requirements apply to those who are employees and those who are self-employed.

How to Register (Employees)

It is the responsibility of employers to take the necessary steps to ensure that employees are registered with the national social welfare system. Contributions are deducted automatically from each employee's salary and are calculated at a rate of 8 to 11 percent of the salary.

How to Register (Self-employed Workers)

Self-employed workers, domestic helpers (empregado doméstico) or individual business owners can sign up for Social Welfare online or by telephone.

  • Social Welfare (Previdência Social)
    Tel: 135
  • To register online: Click here (in Portuguese)

When registering online or by telephone, the following will be required:

  • National Foreigner’s Registration Number (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiro - RNE)
  • Individual Taxpayer’s Card (Cadastro de Pessoa Física - CPF)
  • Mother's full name

Brazilians will also need to provide their election title (título de eleitor). This is not necessary for foreigners as they are not eligible to vote in Brazil.

Once the applicant has registered online or by telephone, they will be given a registration number (numero de inscrição or numero de identificação do trabalhador). The Social Welfare Card (carteira de trabalho e previdência social) will arrive through the post within approximately 10 days. When registering by telephone, the applicant will receive a payment code (código de pagamento).

The código de pagamento is determined by the situation of the individual; for instance, a domestic helper will receive a different payment code to that of a company. The payment code determines what percentage of earnings must be paid into the social security system. If registration is made online, the payment code may not have been disbursed, in which case the applicant should call the Previdência Social to obtain the code.

The applicant will then need to buy a Guia da Previdência Social - GPS, also known as a carnê. The GPS is a small book with form pages and carbon copy pages inside, that can be obtained from anywhere in Brazil that sells magazines (banco de revista), or from stationery shops (papelaria). The GPS will be used when making payments each month.

Payments are made each month, in person, at the Banco do Brasil S.A., Caixa Economica or at any lotéria (where a person can play the lottery). A copy of the payment will be held by the payer and a copy will be kept by the payment location as their record.