National Public Holidays in Brazil

A calendar of the national vacation days when businesses, schools and banks holiday and people get the day off in Brazil...

The Portuguese for public holiday is feriado público. Official Brazilian public holidays can be national (nacionais), state (estaduais) and municipal (municipais).

Although Carnival is a national holiday it's not compulsory to give workers those days off. In practice, almost every employer does. 

Public Holidays 

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 28th February & 1st March - Carnival weekend and Carnival Monday & Tuesday
  • 15th April - Good Friday
  • 21st April - Tiradentes' Day
  • 1st May - Labor Day / May Day
  • 7th September - Independence Day
  • 12th October - Our Lady Aparecida/Children's Day
  • 1st November - All Saints Day
  • 2nd November - All Souls Day
  • 15th November - Republic Proclamation Day
  • 20th November - Black Consciousness Day
  • 25 December - Christmas Day

For a list of dates of public holidays for the current year