Brazilian Telephone Directories

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To call internationally from Brazil: using Telefônica (15) or Embratel (21) 00 + (15 or 21) + country code + area code + phone number
To call internationally to Brazil +55 + area code + phone number
To call long distance within Brazil: using Telefônica (15) or Embratel (21) 0 + (15 or 21) + area code + phone number
Directory Enquiries Tel: 102
Find an international dialing code Website
To call collect from São Paulo to another number in São Paulo 9090 + phone number

Yellow Pages

The Brazilian Yellow Pages (iLocal) provides a comprehensive online directory of businesses in Brazil.

To search type the name of a company, product or service in the O Que box, then type the name of the city in the Onde box.

To find a service or name of company with Lista Online, type in the service or company required under Procurar por, type in the city under Cidade and select a state under Estado.

Yellow and White Pages

Telelistas allows a search for a business or an individual. To search, type in the service or product in the Palavra-Chave box or type in the name of an individual in the Nome box. Select a state under UF, and a city under Cidade.

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