Procedure for Exchanging a License

Information about exchanging a foreign license in Brazil...

Some foreigners in Brazil may exchange their license for a temporary Brazilian one, some may exchange their license for a full Brazilian driving license, while yet others may not exchange their license and will need to take a full driving test (theory and practical) in order to get a Brazilian driving license.

Non Brazilian nationals arriving in Brazil can drive for up to six months on most full licenses from other countries. It is recommended to carry an official translation of the original foreign driving license at all times when driving in Brazil. Individuals staying longer will need to apply for a temporary driver’s license for foreigners (Licenca especial para estrangeiros), which is valid for six months.

Foreign Licenses Eligible For Exchange

Full foreign driving licenses from countries that Brazil has signed and ratified agreements or international conventions allow an individual to obtain a full Brazilian license without taking the complete test. Full driving licenses from countries within the EU, the United States of America, South Africa and Australia are considered acceptable.

Individuals with no license, or a license from a country that is not recognized, will have to go through the full process, including a four-part test, to obtain a driving license.