Buying a New Car in Brazil

Information about the process of buying a new car in Brazil...

Cars can be expensive, and imported vehicles especially so, due to import taxes. Cars manufactured in Brazil are more reasonably priced. The car market is large, and most major manufactures such as Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat and Renault have factories in Brazil (mostly in the São Paulo and Paraná regions, but also in the North East in Bahia) and dealerships throughout the country. There are import specialist dealerships such as BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar in larger cities.

A car dealer (loja de carro) may sell new (carro novo) and used cars (carro usado). A wide range of credit options is available in most dealerships. To qualify the buyer must provide their CPF number, foreigner's identity number (RNE), as well as proof of address and income.

After purchase, the dealer will arrange suitable insurance and register the vehicle on the buyer's behalf.