Temporary Entry Permit (Regime Especial de Admissão Temporária)

Information about the documents required to apply for a temporary entry permit for a vehicle in Brazil...

If the vehicle is exclusively for private tourist purposes, residents from countries in Mercosul (the Common Market of the SouthL: made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) with a vehicle registered in Mercosul may move freely in the country, without the need for any customs formalities, provided that the driver has the documentation required by the legislation applicable to the traveler and the vehicle does not transport goods which, by their quantity and characteristics, assume a commercial nature, or which are incompatible with the purposes of tourism.

Individuals and vehicles from countries outside of Mercosul may be granted a temporary entry permit for a land vehicle for the duration of their stay (usually up to 90 days). This may be renewed up to the limit of the extended visa (usually a further 90 days). This is done by means of a Simplified Import Declaration Form (Declaração Simplificada de Importação/DSI). This form will include the deadline for the vehicle to remain in Brazil, which will be for the duration of the visitors stay.

The Simplified Import Declaration Form will be filled in online at the point of entry by a Customs Official or the individual's despachante aduaneiro (official representative), accredited to use the Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior/Siscomex (Integrated System for Foreign Trade).

  • For further information on the procedure for importing a vehicle temporarily into Brazil: Click here (in Portuguese)

Documentation required for a temporary entry permit

To obtain a temporary entry permit the following documents are required:

  • Valid driving license
  • Passport
  • All ownership documents, including the vehicle's logbook (registration documents)
  • Proof of insurance valid in Brazil
  • For hire cars, the contract must specify that the vehicle may be brought to Brazil

A bond must also be signed. This will include the owner’s name, home address, destination in Brazil and a description of the vehicle (make, model, year, color and serial number).

Should a vehicle fail to be taken from Brazil before the temporary entry permit expires, the bond will then become active, meaning that the vehicle can be seized and the owner or authorized person will be fined.

It is possible that the applicant may also have to sign a statement attesting to the following:

  • The applicant is aware that if given a visa extension they must contact the nearest Secretaria da Receita Federal (Customs Authority) and apply for an extension of the temporary entry permit
  • The duplicate bond will be returned to the Receita Federal for cancelation
  • If the vehicle is not removed from Brazil before expiration of the permit, the bond will be activated