Documents Required to Set Up a Company

Information about the paperwork that may be needed when starting a business in Brazil...

Unless the foreigner intends to be physically present in Brazil when the incorporation documents are signed, they will have to provide their Brazilian lawyer with a Power of Attorney containing powers to incorporate the company in their name. This applies to either foreign individuals or companies.

In addition, foreign companies will also have to provide a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation issued by the competent authority in their country and containing at least the following information:

  • Company name
  • Registered Office Address
  • Corporate Purposes
  • Registered or Authorized Capital (and classes of stock)
  • Names of Officers (or the name of the incorporators)

The above documents will have to be authenticated at the Brazilian Consulate in the investor's country of origin and then sent to Brazil, where they will be translated into Portuguese by an official translator.

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