Seeking Employment

Find out how and where to start your job hunt in Brazil...

Job vacancies are listed in classified sections of daily and weekend newspapers. Jobseekers can also place a "job wanted" advertisement in many daily newspapers, for a fee. Jobseekers with specific skills can register with an employment or recruitment agency, usually for free.

The Sistema Nacional de Emprego offers work of all types throughout Brazil. They have walk-in centers, as well as a website, for job seekers and employers. Those looking for work can search online by location and type of employment and post their curriculum vitae.

Many foreigners work in Brazil teaching a foreign language: usually English, but Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese are also commonly required, particularly in São Paulo as it is the commercial center of Brazil. A teaching qualification, experience and University degree will help in finding more and better paid classes.

Jobseekers can also search the following websites:

As mentioned above, a non-resident intending to involve themselves in any form of remunerated employment in Brazil needs a work permit (Autorização de de Trabalho), and anyone applying for such a document must also obtain the appropriate immigration visa (vista). Work visas are issued by the Consular post of the applicant's country of legal residence under the authority of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministério das Relações Exteriores).