Applying for a Work Permit in Brazil

Information about how to apply for a work permit so that you are legally entitled to work in Brazil...

The different types of work permit available relate directly to the different types of work visa available. Once the visa has been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the company contracting the foreigner will start the work permit application process with the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Brasília.

The issuance of each permit requires the submission of an extensive range of documents and forms.

Examples of documents that may be requested include:

  • Work permit application form
  • Applicant and candidate form (any type of remuneration received abroad must be submitted to the Brazilian Revenue Service)
  • Copy of the applicant's foreign passport identification page(s) showing the passport number, name, date of birth, nationality and photograph
  • Employment contract
  • Proof of education, qualifications and professional experience
  • Copy of the Brazilian Federal Tax Number (Cadastro Nactional de Pessoa Juridica - CNPJ)
  • Signed document from the applicant stating that full responsibility will be taken for all medical and hospital expenses incurred by the foreign citizen or their dependants during their stay in Brazil
  • Signed document from the applicant firm confirming responsibility for the repatriation of the foreign citizen as well as their dependants after the end of the stay
  • Information on the locations (including addresses) where the foreigner will work
  • Proof of payment of individual immigration tax for the foreigner and each of their dependants
  • Officially delegated power of attorney

Any documents that are not in Portuguese must be authenticated at the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy of the applicant's home country, and then translated by an authorized translator in Brazil.

  • For comprehensive information on the different documents required for each work permit, as well as a procedure guide, Click here (PDF)
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Once all the appropriate documents have been submitted to the Ministry of Labor the work permit is issued within 30 days.