Facilities on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Information about facilities for people with disabilities on rail and air travel, as well as details on local organisations...

As one of the more recent members of the EU, Bulgaria, including the Black Sea Coast region, is still developing policies to bring it in line with EU regulations.

Children with Special Needs

The Karin Dom Foundation in Varna, Centre for Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Children with Special Needs and their Families, works to help social inclusion of children. This NGO provides support to children aged 3 months to 18 and their families; it works with children with physical disabilities, mental disorders, ADHD, autism, behavioural problems and learning difficulties.

Karin Dom Foundation
: Sveti Nikola, P.O.B. 104, Varna 9010 
Tel: 052 302 517
Fax: 052 302 516

Disabled Travel in Bulgaria

People with reduced mobility may find difficulties in getting around in Bulgaria. Few buildings, hotels and pavements are adapted to wheelchairs although since Bulgaria's entry in the EU, the government is obliged to meet EU criteria and plans are underway to facilitate access to certain buildings.

Train travel

Services for passengers with reduced mobility are available with the following express trains in Bulgaria:

  • Sofia – Plovdiv – Burgas: "Sunny beach" express train
  • Sofia – Gorna Oriahovitsa - Varna: "Golden sands" express train
  • Sofia – Karlovo – Burgas: "Seagull" express train

Some carriages on these trains are adapted for people in wheelchairs and toilet facilities are equipped in accordance with European and international standards.

Railway stations in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Bourgas and Varna have restrooms and appropriate facilities for people with disabilities.

  • For further information Tel: 02 920 0547 or 02 920 0269
  • Reservations for those with reduced mobility should be made at least one day in advance
    • Burgas Tel: 056 882 062
    • Varna Tel: 052 662 3339

A system of transport called "car - train- car" is available for passengers with reduced mobility. This service must be booked at least three days in advance.

  • Burgas Tel: 056 831 432

A special information service for foreign disabled passengers is available:

  • Tel: 02 988 5358 and 02 932 4336


EU regulations establish that people with reduced mobility should have free, special assistance when needed in airplanes, airports, baggage check-in and with flight connections. Responsibility has been passed to the airports to accommodate the needs of the disabled traveller. Air companies are at liberty to provide services to people with reduced mobility.

Each airline company has its own internal procedures, describing the type of disability they may accept as well as the specific services offered on board and on ground. The disabled passenger should always notify the company about their specific needs when booking the ticket. It is also important to be present at the check-in desk at least one and a half hours before boarding.

For information on assistance at Varna airport contact: