Bus and Coach Services on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Details and contact information on the regional and city public transport systems in the towns of Burgas and Varna and in the seaside resorts along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast...

Buses and minibuses operate along the Black Sea Coast and pass through or stop at most of the tourist resorts. In general, frequent travellers can buy bus passes for one or three months.


Varna bus services are run by GT Varna and include trolley buses, express buses and minibuses. Tickets can be bought from ticket collectors on the bus and from bus stations. In general buses run from 05:00-23:00.

Minibus Varna provides private bus services running from 06:00-20:00 daily.

  • Minibus Varna
    At: 7 Dobrovoltsi Str., Varna 9000 
    Tel: 052 500 039

The main bus station is situated to the north west of the town on Boulevard Vladislav Varentchik. Express bus lines operate to Plovdiv, Burgas, Dobrich, Shumen, Sofia and Veliko Tarnevo. Buses to Sofia stop at Shumen and Veliko Tarnevo on the way, buses to Plovidv pass through Stara Zagor. Buses to and from Burgas stop at the main seaside resorts along the coast including Sunny Beach and Nessebar.

A smaller bus station is situated near the main station. Minibuses operate frequent routes to the Black Sea Coast resorts including Dobrich, Balchik, Kavarna, Burgas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

Bus 409 goes from the airport to the centre of Varna via St-Konstantin and Helena and then makes it way to Golden Sands.

  • For timetables of buses from Varna: Click here (in Bulgarian)


Burgas is well served by bus and trolley buses with public transport running from approximately 05:00-23:00. There are also a number of private companies with links to resorts along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Burgasbus operate the city buses.

  • Burgasbus 
    : 1 Industrialna Str., Burgas
    Tel: 056 840 529
    Customer service and questions email

The main bus stations in Burgas are:

  • Bus station Burgas South (Youg) - near the Bulair railway station
    : 056 842 692
  • Bus Station Burgas West (Zapad) - near the Billa hypermarket in the industrial area
    : 056 831 427

Most of the bus and minibus services run every 30 to 40 minutes from the South bus station to Sozopol, Sunny Beach, Primorsko and Kiten. Most of the destinations are indicated in English.

Sunny Beach

The Sunny Beach resort has a regular bus service to Burgas, Varna and Nessebar. Within the resort itself, a mini train is available for passengers to make their way up and down the beach. Trolleybuses run every 15 to 20 minutes between 09:00-23:00 within the resort.

A boat taxi is available to and from Nessebar and Sunny Beach.


The majority of the public transports arrive and depart from the main station, situated approximately 1 Km from the town centre. Buses run to Kiten, Ahtopol, Tsarevo, Sozopol and Burgas at regular intervals. Express bus services also stop at Primorsko on their way to and from Burgas, Sofi, Haskovo, Kiten and Ahtopol.

Ahtopol and Kiten

The bus station is situated at the end of Stranja Street and has daily bus routes to Primorsko and Sozopol as well as major cities. Buses and minibuses that operate to and from Ahtopol stop to pick up passengers at Kiten.

Coach Travel

Biomet provides domestic and international transport with regular lines from Sofia to Burgas and Varna on the Black Sea Coast.

Coach services along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast to major cities in the rest of Bulgaria are also operated by the following companies:

Further Information

Online timetables for direct and combined routes in Bulgaria from BG-Razpisanie.com